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8 Feb 2021


An Exclusive Invitation for Amazon’s Best Customers

We Want Your Feedback! We would like to request your feedback via a short online survey.
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Dear Rajendar bommidi,

My name is Emily and I manage the day-to-day activities of the Amazon Preview Panel, a community of Amazon customers that are shaping the way we create and present original content.

Amazon believes fans of great entertainment should have a voice: Not just after movies and TV shows are made, but before. That's why we created Amazon Preview, a program that lets fans like you help shape new movies and TV series to help create must-watch entertainment. As one of our best customers, we would like to give you the exclusive opportunity to join.

As a member of Amazon Preview, you will:

  • GET ACCESS to sneak peeks on what's to come before wide-release
  • BE HEARD by providing your opinions on a variety of concepts, trailers and series
  • BE IN THE KNOW by seeing how your feedback impacts real decisions at Amazon Prime Video
  • BE REWARDED by receiving gift cards and Amazon Prime Video swag for your participation

So what's next? Complete this brief survey to become a member of Amazon Preview.

When you click on the above link you'll be redirected to the Amazon Preview website and you will not be asked to sign in.

This survey is open for a limited time only, so please respond as soon as possible. And remember, this invitation was generated exclusively for you and can only be used once. So, please do not forward it or share it with anyone else.

At Amazon, we protect your privacy and your responses will be subject to Amazon's Privacy Notice. You can learn more about Amazon's e-mail survey programs and the authenticity of this email here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Emily G.

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